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Here we go: Psystar officially appeals to Apple's US court case

A month ago, Apple finally won a permanent injunction against Psystar, which would culminate in the closure of its operations, were it not for a public statement by its lawyer. The Mac clone maker did in fact suspend sales of its software that made it possible to install Mac OS X on regular PCs, but has since been preparing for one last card.

Today the Mac Observer disclosed that Psystar has officially appealed to Apple's lawsuit in the United States. A new group of three judges re-examine the case, but that could still take many months.

For the time being, the determination of Judge William, who agreed with Apple on his charge that Psystar's business would violate copyright laws (copyright) of the operating system of Ma. To make the installation of Mac OS X feasible, the software created by her ?disguised? PCs as Macs the same thing that Palm did with Pre in iTunes.