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COVID-19 reduces trips to the supermarket, but increases the volume of Portuguese spending by 35%

The most recent Revolut data reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing substantial changes in national consumption habits. Based on a comparison between the use of the cards of more than 400 thousand users in March and February, the company indicates that the period of isolation contributed to increases in terms of demand for entertainment platforms and home meal delivery. The change in food consumption habits was one of the most significant.

With regard to trips to the supermarket, Revolut indicates that there was a reduction of about 30% in the number of transactions carried out during March in the main commercial areas of the country. However, the volume of spending was 35% higher than that recorded in February. Revolut stresses that in the week before the declaration of the State of Emergency it was possible to see a 44% increase in the volume of money spent on supermarket purchases.

Revolut indicates that the isolation contributed to a greater demand for gaming platforms. Steam Games recorded a 241% increase in the number of transactions made during the period under review. This is followed by PlayStation, with an increase of 136%, and Nintendo, with an increase of 73%.

The British company indicates that the number of transactions carried out for Apple, Google and Netflix registered a slight increase, around 15%, 11% and 9%, respectively. The values ??coincide with the month in which the State of Emergency was decreed in Portugal.

The restoration area is one of the areas that suffered most from the impact of the pandemic, having suffered a 50% drop in transactions. UberEats and Glovo are, however, benefiting from the fact that most families are at home. UberEats saw a 22% increase in the number of transactions and a 30% increase in the volume of transactions. Glovo, on the other hand, recorded a 27% growth in transactions and a 51% increase in transactions.

Revolut's information is in line with that recently published by SIBS. The sectors that saw the greatest increase during the pandemic were entertainment and culture, with an increase of 64%, followed by the delivery of food and take-away with 52% growth and the food and retail trade with 45%. climb.

Revolut advances that the trips were out of the Portuguese plans and the volume traded in the category had a decrease of 49% after a peak justified by the Carnival holidays. The light transport platforms are also feeling the impact of the pandemic, suffering a drop of 39% in all. Of the applications best known to the public, Kapten was the one that recorded the most losses, having seen transactions decrease by 61% and the volume of business to drop to 57%

Payments at physical terminals also fell by 12%. Revolut indicates that fears about the future and the potential impact on the national economy are making consumers a little more conservative, so the volume traded on e-commerce platforms has slightly decreased by 2%.