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Asus laptop surpasses (theoretical) battery life of MacBooks Pro

Who would have thought, a few years ago, that today it would be possible to use a notebook for almost a whole day at work on a single battery charge, anyway? Although not ideal, Apple notebooks today already provide autonomy of about six or seven hours per charge, perhaps more, perhaps less; It's just what we can't make believe in advertising. But what would it be like if we could spend 12 hours working on a laptop without resorting to the good old ?pig snout??

Well, more or less what Asus wants to offer with itsUL80JT laptop, a professional computer equipped with a Core i7 processor and two GPUs (one NVIDIA GeForce 310 and the other integrated from Intel), for a very tempting price: $ 1,000. This machine, thanks to various techniques for optimization and dynamic control of the processing speed and automatic switching between GPUs, is able to control its energy consumption alone, in addition to surpassing the power autonomy of the most expensive MacBooks Pro.

Of course, this varies between the tasks performed, but unlike a conventional MacBook, it is not the user who controls the power consumption of the new Asus machine, but herself. That's it: without doing anything, you can go from light to heavy tasks knowing that the computer will increase the frequency of operation of the Core i7 and switch between GPUs as needed. It is even possible to visualize this happening in real time, but no user control is necessary.

Well, 12 hours of battery life, automatic control of energy use, Core i7 Apple doesn't need to learn something from the competition, don't you think?

(via Ars Technica)