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Apple sends subpoena to Gawker, who thinks it "confirms the tablet's existence"

Everyone already knew this was going to happen: yesterday, Gawker Media announced that it would pay up to $ 100,000 for iTablet evidence. Today, she received a letter ?Cease and desist? of Ma?s lawyers, which means she?s forced to immediately stop the initiative if she doesn?t want to face a more serious problem.

While Apple values ??and appreciates vibrant public comments about its products, we believe that you and your company have crossed the line by offering an award for stealing Apple's industrial secrets. Such an illegal offer and Apple insists that you immediately discontinue Scavenger Hunt.


The information you want to buy, such as photos of a product not yet released, are Apple's industrial secrets. Apple invests a lot of time and money in developing new products, which remain unannounced and proprietary to it.

To Valleywag, this is a great indication that the tablet really exists, but I completely disagree. Apple never in the letter talks about the specific product, it only responded to one that would encourage employees to commit industrial espionage in exchange for (good) money. And, in one way or another, it all generates even more free advertising for her and buzz around the launch.

Click on the images to enlarge the letter:

Apple gave Gawker until midnight today to take action. The latter, however, apparently did not give up so easily and simply reiterated a request that anyone who wants to participate ?does not violate any kind of law?. The thing still stands. o.O