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Apple participates in the San Francisco Pride Parade and distributes a beautiful gift to its employees

It was not the first time and it definitely will not be the last that Apple participated in the San Francisco Pride Parade (San Francisco Pride Parade). But I believe it was the first in which the company presented the employees who marched at the event with a very nice little souvenir: a nylon weave bracelet in the colors of the LGBT flag (which, coincidentally, also refers to the old Apple logo) :

The Apple bracelet (for the Pride Parade) for the enchanting Watch. A subtle memory of the logo, too.

More photos of Apple at the (Parade of) Pride.

Impressive gift that we gave to all of our employees who are marching today. Rainbow straps for your Apple Watch!

Small gift for participants.

Tim Cook, admittedly gay, once again made a point of participating in the event:

Happy (Parade) Pride for all who came this weekend to celebrate!

In the message that Apple delivered with bracelet, it is clear that this is something specific to the event:

This limited edition bracelet is a symbol of our commitment to equality and we hope you will wear it with pride.

Despite this, there are already people asking / begging for the company to start selling it in its stores. ?

(via Recode)