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Apple acquired company website is down with details on multi-touch keyboards

After five years since it was acquired by Apple, Fingerworks has finally ceased to exist on the internet, after its website was taken down today. Interestingly, this withdrawal of her online content coincided with a time when there was a lot of talk about a potential Ma tablet about two weeks before the scheduled date for a major event on the subject.

The explanation given by MacRumors that the advanced features of Fingerworks products will come standard on the Apple tablet. In general, they were keyboards (like the one in the image above), but they brought support for different types of advanced gestures, often demanding gesture pads specials that were also produced by Fingerworks.

Such functions, previously exclusive to Macs, are expected to be integrated into the Apple tablet, showing further advances in multi-touch technology that have arrived today for the iPhone OS. Another curious fact is thatWayne Westerman, founder of Fingerworks, author of several recent Apple patents related to this subject, which are basically implementations exclusive to Mac OS X.