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An overview of apps on the new Apple TV

A few days ago, we published a video with a general tour through tvOS and we also talked about Siri with Apple Music, some initial problems detected and we explained why the assistant is limited to just eight countries so far. The new Apple TV it was also one of the most discussed subjects in the podcast that aired yesterday.

App Store on TV next to the new Apple TV and iGadgets

In addition to the updated hardware, the revamped operating system and a totally new control, the great highlight of the new Apple TV is certainly the arrival of the long awaited App Store. In this post, we will give you an overview of how it is in these first days after the product was launched.


The store went on the air in the early days with just a splash screen and the ability to search for keywords, but Apple has already started organizing apps by categories also.

Categories on the App Store

For now there are only two divisions per l, Games (Games) and Entertainment (Entertainment), but gradually this should be expanded.

Popular app rankings

Another thing that some missed at first (and really couldn't have aired without people using the store) was the "Top Charts", but they also painted the three patterns around there: Top Free Apps (Top Free Apps), Top Paid Apps (Top Paid Apps) and Top Profits (Top Grossing Apps).

Top Charts on Apple TV

Of course, games like Beat Sports demonstrated in the launch keynote for the new Apple TV, Galaxy on Fire, Rayman Adventures and Crossy Road are already dominating the rankings.

Over 1,000 apps

According to data compiled by the Slide to Play, already more than 1,000 apps available for tvOS. At this moment, the rankings Top 5 in the United States are as follows:


  1. The Nat Geo TV
  2. Rayman Adventures
  3. HBO NOW
  4. Crossy Road
  5. FOX NOW


  1. Beat Sports
  2. Earthlapse TV
  3. Galaxy on Fire – Manticore RISING
  4. TWiT on TV
  5. Aquarium HD


  1. Beat Sports
  2. Earthlapse TV
  3. Galaxy on Fire – Manticore RISING
  4. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
  5. Oceanhorn


Just yesterday I commented on our podcast # 155 that I found it strange that tvOS arrived with the same organization of apps / channels that we had before, without folders. But Apple has already prepared you for this, as the hacker / developer discovered Steven Troughton-Smith:

The operation of the feature is very similar to that of iOS, with folders being created when playing an app on top of each other with support for 9 cones. Users will also be able to rename them to whatever they want using tvOS 'crude virtual keyboard.

Let's see if Apple releases this possibility for users on tvOS 9.1, which has already entered beta. Nothing right yet

What apps?

TvOS and its App Store have just arrived, so what we have there is the beginning. But they?ve already started popping up some cool apps, like the long-awaited Plex. This launch was already promised a few months ago with another one that has not yet arrived, VLC.

Plex on Apple TV

To use it, I need to have Plex Media Server installed on the computer and remotely send content to Apple TV. His interface was very nice, adapted for both films and TV shows, music and even photos. Some features, however, require a subscription to the Plex Pass.

Other cool apps include the classic YouTube and Netflix (which were previously embedded channels on Apple TV), Periscope, Airbnb, SpeedTest, NetNewsWire Today, Alto?s Adventure, Pangea games compatible with 3D TVs, etc.