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ADSE participates in 2 teleconsultations per month as long as the constraints of COVID-19 continue

As of today, ADSE participates in two distance teleconsultations per month for each beneficiary under the agreed regime. The measure will be in effect "as long as the constraints resulting from the need for social isolation last," due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The cost of the teleconsultation is identical to that of the face-to-face consultation, with the same financing amounts being applicable, both by ADSE and by the beneficiary. However, remote consultations conducted on a free basis will not be reimbursed.

In a statement, the Ministry of Modernization of the State and Public Administration further explains that remote consultations may be held in follow-up situations and if they are the first. However, for this reason, the beneficiary's clinical situation cannot allow waiting for the end of the contingency period, nor can it be framed in a face-to-face medical emergency.

Beneficiaries wishing to have a teleconsultation must request their appointment directly from the providers and fill out a form created for that purpose and made available by these services. On the other hand, the provider must send an email or an SMS to the beneficiary to confirm that they have made the billing. teleconsultation, having taken seven days to confirm in the authenticated area of ??ADSE Direta.

It should be noted that confirmation by the beneficiary is mandatory for ADSE to participate in the teleconsultation, also functioning as a mechanism to combat possible situations of abuse or fraud. Providers of the agreed regime who wish to adhere to this type of consultation must request it through ADSE Direta, requesting the respective codes and filling in the available form.