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22-inch iMac with touchscreen to be launched in 2010, says newspaper

Apparently, it won't just be the current 21.5 and 27 inch models of the iMac that will be hugely successful in 2010, according to a Chinese newspaper. Citing information obtained from Apple suppliers in Asia, he claims that a refurbished desktop model will hit the market in 2010, with a new touchscreen size (22 inches).

IMac Multi-Touch Concept

The newspaper also says that whoever supplies the new screen model to Apple will be a Taiwanese company (Sintek Photronic), while its production will be in charge of Quanta, a company that has been going through a good moment in the market thanks to the MacBook manufacturing. It is estimated that, to produce a machine like the iMac using a multi-touch screen, it will be necessary a process similar to what HP adopted for the production of its TouchSmart line of desktops, which already have this type of display.

Although it is due to be released in 2010, a new iMac with multi-touch functions supported by its screen would not make much sense at the moment, considering that the current version of Mac OS X does not have any special appeal to take advantage of touchscreens at least, as far as I know. If this rumor is true, this type of display technology will only have special uses for Apple when a new version of the system is released with special features to take advantage of them which will not happen before 2011, at least.