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★ How apps can influence Education


At the time of entrance exams, we know that preparing for entrance exams is not easy! Endless subjects to study, concern with dates, places and times. The 2015/16 entrance exam season is approaching.

Any ?minute? of study for the valuable student! Let's analyze the evolution of learning?

Future, past and present signs

The educational content has followed a standardized model since the beginning of time, mathematical formulas were created and had no changes, rules of physics, historical facts, laws of science, among other themes that are aesthetic, that is, they do not change. What has changed and what has to change are the ways of teaching and learning, these can and should be dynamic.

The forms of learning in the past were limited to research in the library, huge pictures in the classroom, the famous chalk and eraser, overhead projectors, among other resources that transmitted knowledge to students.

The way of transmitting content nowadays has evolved a lot, we have smart slates, libraries are no longer physical but digital, notebooks become iPads / notebooks and books become ebooks Educational portals provide other ways for today's student to absorb the content. We can not fail to mention the quick searches on Google.

I don't want to be a forecast guru, but I want to open your eyes to the future, which is a great example coming up gamification which, in a more logical, intelligent and intuitive way, conveys the content in another way, enabling new learning experiences.

The use of tablets, cell phones and other devices connected to the network is extremely beneficial to study. A study points out that Brazilians use their cell phones for 460 minutes of the day (almost 8 hours!), So why not use a few minutes of that time on their cell phones to calibrate their studies and reach the goal they pass in the entrance exam ?!

Building apps for iPhone and iPad - Quaddro

There are several applications that help us to study, schedule entrance dates, correct essays and test our general knowledge. But what is missing? Are apps still missing in the education field? Do you have any ideas on how apps can turn static content into a dynamic way of learning? Or is it a game that helps solve Mathematics problems, a text editor that improves knowledge of grammatical rules or a new social network focused on study groups?

For you, who have always been curious to develop applications but always lacked time, Quaddro brings you a unique opportunity. Intensive vacation course: learn to create your own app using all the features that iPhone and iPad can offer in just 1 month! Make 2016 the best professional year of your life.

Are you in doubt? Come and take a free trial class!