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WSJ brings new details about iTablet: TV and magazine revolution, device for the family

A few days before the keynote that Apple scheduled for next Wednesday, rumors and new information about your tablet continue to pop up around the corner. In the last 24 hours alone, we have published four related articles on : 1, 2, 3, 4. To add even more fire wood, the Wall Street Journal I just brought you a new bomb article full of new details about the product.

In a subject entitled Apple Sees New Money in Old Media, the vehicle talks about the details and efforts of Apple to deliver high-quality content on its new Mac touchscreen. For them, the device that will have a virtual keyboard will be aimed at the whole family, that will be able to share it to read news, view emails and leave messages for each other on a virtual wall. The cool thing that Apple would have worked on facial recognition software (such as the one already on iPhoto), which in the future would allow the tablet to identify who would be using it.

As has already been discussed previously, the report mentions that Apple has discussed and worked closely with publishers and vehicles such as New York Times, Cond Nast and HarperCollins to create new smart and interesting ways to deliver content to tablet users, including books, newspapers and magazines. In parallel, partners with Disney and CBS will offer monthly subscription services to consumers interested in having access to ?the best of TV?.

Learning from the success of the iPhone / iPod touch, Apple would also have worked closely with game developers like Electronic Arts to position its tablet as a powerful gaming machine. Another important focus of the product would be access to (academic) textbooks, stimulating their adoption by schools and universities.

Finally, the newspaper also cites a possible iTunes portal that would take Apple's music store to the web, accessible from anywhere via cloud computing. In parallel to this, they corroborate information about Apple's closer proximity to Microsoft, which would put Bing as the default search engine on the iPhone and could even use it to replace the maps currently provided by Google.

Everything indicates that Apple's goal is to revolutionize the aforementioned segments just as it did with music (iPod) and cell phone (iPhone). I am curious to see what comes next.