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Salvador now also has three-dimensional buildings on Apple maps [atualizado]

After Rio de Janeiro, savior It is the second Brazilian city to have its buildings drawn three-dimensionally on Apple's maps.

3D buildings in Salvador on Apple maps

Much of the city is covered, but obviously not 100%.

Despite the novelty, Apple continues to be lacking in making certain corrections / geographic updates. Here, right in front of where I live, a new road with a lot of flow was built almost two years ago, which until today is not on Ma's maps. As I pass through it almost every time I leave / return home, I can't even think about using them.

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On a related note, Apple recently expanded the public transport routes for its maps that are also already available in Rio for Honolulu (Hawaii) and Kansas City (Missouri, United States).

(tip from Ednilson Rosa)

Update · 07/25/2016 s 14:29

Two more cities have gained public transport data today: San Diego (California, USA) and Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada).