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Quarantine: how to maintain routine with young children

Do you usually work at home, but your children have always been at school? With the recent docoronavirus crisis, I believe that this is no longer a reality.

With the children at home, you may be wondering how to maintain the routine with young children in a way that does not reduce your productivity, but without neglecting your children.

You are absolutely right to think that way. It is not only a matter of responsibility towards the little ones, but also a way to take advantage of the current phase, which we know will not last forever.

How to reconcile care with children without breaking the rhythm of work? This is what we will show you in the following paragraphs.

Step # 1: Give up any hope of maintaining the routine

We understand that you have come to us looking for a way to maintain the routine with the children at home.

However, we will not deceive you by saying that there is how to keep the routine with small children indoors all the time.

Therefore, the first step is to accept the reality that the Covid-19 is imposing on us and that its schedules and priorities must change while we are still in quarantine.

In this way, it becomes less frustrating to design a new plan so that you can keep making money without the little ones interfering too much with your production.

Step # 2: Set up schedules for yourself and the kids

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<p>There is no point in defining times just for you. If you do it without everyone knowing, your little ones will simply interrupt you at any time, as they are not sure when your work schedule is.</p>
<p>Like us, the little ones also have a routine. There is also no point in setting a timetable for them. If you don't have one for yourself, they will simply call for help at any time, regardless of what you are doing.</p>
<p>It is ideal for everyone to participate in the schedule and have their own schedules. This is the best way to have a routine with small children.</p>
<p>You can determine your work schedule at which it is possible to be interrupted and the times at which it will not be available. That is, the time to do the most important jobs that require total concentration in the home office. Of course, be sure to also have schedules so that they can do things at home with the children, whether in household chores or moments of fun.</p>
<p>In the time that it is not available, you should establish tasks or distractions for them that they do not need from you. This is the perfect time to let them play some multiplayer games offline or catch up on their favorite animation suassries.</p>
<h2>Step # 3: Be present at the combined times</h2>
<p>How do you behave when facing an important customer? You keep your smartphones silent or even disconnected and pay full attention to it, correct?</p>
<p>  So you must respect the times you agreed on in the above step to learn how to maintain the routine with young children at home.</p>
<p>As interesting as it is to stay in the messaging apps or scrolling through the social media feed, be as present in the work hours with focus as in the meeting with the children. They notice when you are not really present in the activities with them and will charge you for it.</p>
<p>The worst: they will be right.</p>
<p>It is also worth mentioning that this forced period at home can bring about a greater connection between you and your young children, in addition to unique moments that might not have happened in the conventional routine.</p>
<p>That is, do the best you can within the bad situation than the docoronavirus pandemic.</p>
<p>Always remind them to wash their hands too!</p>
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