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Portugal Space wants to open 10 new national incubator centers for ESA's network startups

The Portuguese Space Agency and the Pedro Nunes Institute (IPN) launched a tender to reinforce the network of business incubators in Portugal with a view to being present throughout the national territory. Currently, there are currently 3 national centers in the ESA network and Portugal Space proposes to increase the number: What we want to do is to extend the initiative to the whole country, to have 10 locations, to reach Madeira and Aores and to the interior, said Chiara Manfletti, President of the Portuguese Agency.

Portugal Space states in a statement, Espao is increasingly seen as a commodity. The sector has opened up the economy and society in order to provide solutions, allowing social and global challenges to be faced in a multidisciplinary way. The Agency explains that incubators are the privileged space for the meeting between the sectors of Space and non-Space, with a view to creating new businesses and opening new markets.

The Space Agency explains that the project is part of the implementation of the Portugal Espao 2030 strategy. One of the main objectives is to create 1,000 new jobs in the space of the next 10 years.

The contest is open to incubators registered in Portugal that have facilities that allow receiving startups that benefit from the ESA program. Portugal Space indicates that the candidates must have a team that provides the necessary support for the development of projects.