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Organize ideas and prepare the next masterpiece of the literary world with the help of Milanote

AMILANOTE stands out as a platform where creative writing enthusiasts can organize all their ideas. For many aspiring authors of the next bestseller, ideas do not come in a linear fashion and the vast majority of writing programs do not seem to help to concentrate all elements of a story. Thus, the website promises to function similarly to a writer, offering more flexibility.

At Milanote, users will be able to create a kind of visual storyboard with all the essential elements that they are writing. The platform allows, for example, to give wings to creativity and do brainstorming, connect different ideas and create mind maps about different concepts.

Thinking about those who need help with the creation of the protagonists of a story, Milanote includes a model where users can develop them, shape their personality and even establish connections between different characters. The platform also provides a practical guide with several recommendations for the authors.

AMILANOTE promises to be the ideal place to organize all the research elements you need to develop the story you are writing. The website allows you to record texts, images, videos and web addresses and gives the user the option of registering the source from which he found them.

Security is one of the platform's priorities and, therefore, it has measures in place to protect users, as well as the content they produce. To start organizing ideas for your first or next book you just need to create a free account on the Milanote website.