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One more (the third) is arrested for hacking iCloud / Google accounts and leaking nude celebrity photos

Ryan Collins, Edward Majerczyk and now Andrew Helton. What do they have in common? The three pleaded guilty in the episode known as Fappening (a case of September 2014 that ended up being known worldwide after photos of several nude celebrities were leaked).

According to Los Angeles Times, Helton (Portland, Oregon; 29 years old) was sentenced to six months in prison and had to pay a $ 3,000 fine for the crime just like Collins and Majerczyk, he operated a scheme phishing to capture logins and passwords for 363 Apple and Google email accounts.

As part of the scam, he sent emails asking users to "verify" their accounts. After clicking on the link, they then entered their logins and passwords and, without realizing it, delivered the information to the cracker. That simple.

There was no experience involved. All I did was essentially copy and paste.

This is proof that it doesn't take much to steal digital credentials. So always stay tuned and pay close attention to the links and pages you visit around. ?

(via AppleInsider)