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New version of Chrome supports NFC via browser and aims to be less intrusive to the user

Over the next few days Chrome users will start to be notified to update their browser to version 81. The update makes the browser more secure, with 32 security fixes, as Google says on its blog.

The update was due to be released on March 17th, but it ended up being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and some of the planned features were eventually pushed into future versions. And that decision also interrupted the technology planning cycle, forcing it to abandon version 82, migrating the respective news to patch 83.

One of the novelties of the new version is the notification system, which becomes less intrusive for users. During browsing, notifications generated by apps and websites no longer interrupt the user. The move will be effective for notifications of conversation apps, email with unread messages, as well as social media.

According to Zdnet, this version also starts the NFC Web tests, that is, the reading of NFC tags through the Chrome browser. This feature will allow users to use their smartphones and tablets to interact with nameplates to get more information, whether it is artwork from a museum or product help at a supermarket, for example, or even reading credentials to have access to events.With the browser-compatible functionality, in the future it is no longer necessary to install dedicated NFC reading applications.

This feature is intended for feature creators based on the Web NFC standard, in order to create the appropriate interactions and compatibility, and to return feedback to improve the technology.