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New Mac Pro launch expected this month

Apple is due to launch a new review of its professional desktop in the coming weeks, corresponding to the arrival of Intel's new line of Xeon processors. As it consists of chips with six processing cores, it is estimated that it will be the basis for the next update on the Mac Pro hardware, promised as the biggest one released in recent years.

Mac Pro with LED Cinema Display

The Mac Pro has been updated on an annual basis and is serving its users very well, but for those who have not surrendered to the model launched last year (considering that the previous one also offered excellent performance and became cheaper even for purchases in Brazil ), this may be a good time to consider a hardware change. Thanks to the excellent relationship that Apple has with Intel and its GPU vendors, the next desktop model also promises to bring exclusive components to the market (temporarily, of course), for the third consecutive year.

In terms of processing, the new Intel Xeon chips are quite powerful and manufactured using the company's latest technology. Because they offer six cores in each unit, it is estimated that the new Mac Pro can be configured as a machine 12-core, using up to two processors that offer huge performance gains when using applications optimized for multiple cores. In addition, they offer a 50% increase in operational performance with the same operating frequencies that can reach 3.33GHz.

For the next Mac Pro, the arrival of new GPUs is also expected, with special emphasis on ATI's new Radeon HD 5870; NVIDIA did not make special announcements for cards high-end recently, but she must also be preparing her latest models for use in standard configurations and special orders. With so many advanced options for graphical hardware, it is possible to predict that the basic supply of graphic memory for professional users will rise to 512MB in 2010 and may exceed 1GB in other advanced models, but which should also be more accessible than in the past.

There is no exact prediction of when Apple will launch its new professional desktop, but as the new Intel processors are expected in March, its launch should also be announced by then. The rest of the PC industry giants are only expected to respond to the new Xeon processors starting in April, so the expectation among some Mac users to get their hands on a new machine with them is enormous.

(via AppleInsider)