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NASA at Home takes you to discover the Universe without leaving your home

With NASA At Home, you can listen to podcasts, read NASA materials and be a scientist; see the entire program

THE NASA (American Space Agency) launched a hotsite with several useful content about the Universe. This is the NASA at Home (or NASA at Home, in free translation), a platform dedicated to people who are confined at home due to the new pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19). The new portal concentrates explorations and research NASA, with e-books, podcasts, videos and virtual tour.

With the online tour at NASA at Home, you can get to know the Armstrong Flight Research Center, through Google Expeditions. With this option, it is possible to walk through the aircraft hangar, the control room and the rear ramp of the aircraft's final services. It is also possible to visit the headquarters of the Hubble Space Telescope and other mission rooms. To get to know other planets, just go to Exoplanet Travel Bureau, and have a 360 degree view of the planets of other star planets. In addition, you can download some posters for free.

Nasa at Home websiteDuring quarantine, on the NASA at Home website, you can watch videos, listen to podcasts, read e-books and take virtual tours

THE NASA at Home offers content for all ages. Educational and play activities are available for children, including formal lesson plans with pictures and science stories. We put this information at your fingertips. We hope that everyone has a few moments to explore the NASA at Home, said Bettina Incln, associate administrator of the Communications Office at NASA.

For those who like podcasts, the American Space Agency separated episodes about humans traveling through space, how our solar system evolved, the discoveries of scientists, among others. Now in the videos, you can take questions about space exploration, find out how NASA works to go to the moon and science activity to do without leaving your home.

Other activities with the NASA at Home

Planets (NASA at Home)Still with the NASA at Home platform, you can be a scientist and make discoveries for the American Space Agency

Quarantine can be even more interesting with other activities disclosed by the NASA at Home. Anyone can contribute to ongoing research and look for brown rings, discover planets and changes in water, cloud, and other forms of life.

Weekly, parents and children can assist experts from the NASA explaining about space. Christina Koch, record-breaking astronaut, one of the participants, who will tell stories to children. These activities will be done by live broadcast on Instagram.

Finally, there will also be a special program in the NASA Television, with news about missions, conversation with astronauts, analyzes about science, technologies and much more.

Source: NASA.