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Learn how to restore your iPhone easily

It is possible to return your iPhone to its original factory condition using a computer or even the device itself in very simple ways

The reasons why a user needs to restore the iPhone with the operating system equal to how it came from the factory can be diverse. This is done most of the time with smartphones that start to crash or have bugs that hinder the smooth flow of navigation. Or else because the user is going to sell or transfer the phone to someone else and does not want personal data to remain on the phone.

Thinking about it, we decided to show today some very simple ways to format your iPhone!

It is also important that you back up your files and then restore them if you purchase a new product from Apple. So, taking the opportunity, we decided to also explain how to get your files back with the backup.

How to format the iPhone with a PC

Screen showing the Restore iPhone optionConnecting the device via USB cable, just turn on iTunes and press ?Restore iPhone? (Photo: Reproduo)
  1. On a macOS 10.15, open the Finder. If you have a Mojave version 10.14 or earlier, or Windows, open the iTunes;
  2. Connect your iPhone on the computer via USB cable;
  3. If requested, place the code on your smartphone and when the device asks "Trust this computer?", answer "Yes" and follow the steps on the screen;
  4. Select your iPhone when it appears on your computer and click Restore iPhone.
  5. Click a second time to restore and wait until the cell phone returns to its factory settings;
  6. Then, it will be restarted with the operating system as expected.

How to use the iPhone itself to format the device

Reproduction of the iPhone screen with menus that must be accessed in the procedureThe procedure on the iPhone itself is quite simple (Photo: Leoberto J. Preuss Jr)
  1. Comes Settings and then on General;
  2. Slide the screen and search for the word Reset. To erase all personal data and restore factory settings, touch Erase Content and Adjustments;
  3. Enter your password and press Delete iPhone.

How to restore backup on iCloud

Illustrative image with iCloud logo on neutral backgroundRestoring the iCloud iPhone is the best option for those who have lost their device (Photo: Reproduo)

This is the best option if your iPhone has broken or been stolen, since iCloud can have files saved in the cloud. In general, people activate the service the first time they turn on their smartphone and then forget that iCloud backs up automatically and on a periodic basis.

The cloud service will ask if you want to restore files when you log in to your account when purchasing a new one iPhone or after formatting the device. If you are considering the latter, check if there is an iCloud backup first.

To do this, go to Settings, IPhone name, iCloud, Manage Storage, Backups. Here, you will see a page that shows when the last backup was performed and you can make a new one if you want.

If you want to recover only specific files, such as photos or videos, you can do this through a browser on your PC. Go to icloud, log in with your Apple ID and you will see an interface similar to that of iOS that will allow you to choose the images and data stored there.

In the photo session, just choose the images you want to download and then press the icon that is located in the upper right corner, similar to a cloud with an arrow.

How to restore a backup in iTunes

Computer screen showing highlighted, with a circle, iPhone icon on the computerWhen you plug your iPhone into your PC or laptop and turn on iTunes, a cone appears with your device (Photo: Leoberto J.Preuss Jr)

It is also possible to restore the iPhone using the backup within iTunes itself. To do this, plug your smartphone into your laptop or desktop, open iTunes and click on the phone icon (photo above).

On the new screen, notice the word resume. You will see two restoration buttons, one located at the top right, Restore iPhone, which takes all files from iCloud, and another one below Restore Backup, which gives you the opportunity to manually restore specific backups.

Backup without iTunes

IMazing main screen, alternative to restore iPhoneIMazing is one of the most famous third-party applications for restoring the iPhone Photo: (Reproduo)

If you don't like using iTunes, there is an option to restore your mobile device using iMazing.

It allows you to restore and backup your iPhone. Just plug the Apple smartphone into the PC, open the program and click on the option Restore right in the middle of the iMazing screen and select the backup you want.

Another similar and reliable program is AnyTrans. In his case, open the program, plug in the iPhone, click in Backup Manager and then on Restore.

Source: TechRadar and Apple