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Learn how to edit PDF files in Google Drive in just a few steps

See how simple and easy to edit PDF files in Google Drive

The PDF file format was created by Adobe Inc. in 1993 with the aim that documents could be shared securely and accessible regardless of the operating system, hardware or software used by the end user.

PDF files can be created from any program installed on your computer, and that can make prints – the programs that generate PDFs work like virtual printers. For this reason, unlike other file formats, you cannot simply edit PDF files. Once it is generated, its information is fixed and does not allow changes, unless specific applications are used for this function.

Now imagine that you need to edit PDF files, but you lost the original. There is a way to edit this file easily using the Google Docs, the online text editor for Google Drive.

Want to know how to do this? So, check it out.

Step by step to edit PDF files

  1. If the document is not yet in the Google Drive, upload it by dragging it into the folder or use the button New > Upload files:
Open PDF Google Docs

2. After that, the document will be available within your directory Google Drive:

PDF file in Google DriveThe file must be saved in a folder within Google Drive

3. Right-click on the document name and select the option Open with > Google Docs:

Open with Google Docs

4. The file will be opened in a new tab, inside the Google Docs, in text format. From then on, you can edit it normally:

PDF file opened in Google DocsThe file opened in Google Docs for editing

5. When you finish editing the document, you can save it again as a PDF file. To do this, go to File> Download> PDF document (.pdf):

Save document as PDF

6. A window opens and you can save the file as PDF in a folder on your computer, and you're done!

Save PDF file windowOnce saved on your computer, the PDF file is ready for use

7. A reminder: be created a file Google Docs in the folder Google Drive where you saved the original PDF. In case you need to make any more changes, just go directly to this file, and save again as PDF.

File created in Google DocsUse the new Google Docs file if you want to make more edits to the text

Very cool, huh? However, it is important to note that if the document is very elaborate and has graphics and images for example, its original format will not be maintained and only the text will be edited. In the case of PDFs generated from scanning printed texts, you will only be able to edit if the text converted from OCR has been incorporated into the document.

If you still need more advanced editing of your text, involving tables, images and other graphic elements, you can search for specific applications for PDF files.

What did you think of the tutorial, managed to edit PDF in your home? Write in the comments!