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LaCie Launches New Enterprise Line of Storage Solutions

Current creator of storage solutions for professional users, LaCie announced a few days ago an update for its specific products for corporate users, starting with the editions Enterprise models d2, 2big and 4big. If you know any of them in conventional editions, you may notice that they have the same style, varying only in different dimensions.

All models in the line Enterprise from LaCie share some features, such as the presence of four transfer interfaces (FireWire 400, FireWire 800, eSATA and USB 2.0) and support 128-bit AES encryption, offering good security for confidential data. In addition, its hard drives run at 7,200 revolutions per minute, have 32MB of cache and 1.2 million hours of average time between failures, a value used to guarantee their reliability in continuous operation.

In order to achieve fast transfer speeds, these LaCie storage solutions also use very advanced RAID capabilities. Depending on the configuration adopted by users, they can transfer files at 700MB per second, without restrictions between the different corporate models.

The new productsEnterprise they will be offered in different capacities, varying between 1TB and 4TB but not all of them will be available for all models. The stock versions of d2, 2big and 4big can be purchased for US $ 300, US $ 650 and US $ 1,350, respectively.

(via Electronist)