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Inside the human curation of Apple Music playlists

THE BuzzFeed published a long and detailed report on the curatorship of playlists and the human beings behind them in the three main providers of streaming: Apple, Spotify and Google. The text brings a series of interesting details about the machinery of the musical industry and, especially, of the dynamics of work in the Apple Music compared to its competitors.

An information that no one imagined, for example: at Apple, only 12 full-time employees curate these playlists, led by Scott Plagenhoef (former Pitchfork editor-in-chief) the additional work remains with freelancers. They are music professionals separated by their favorite musical genres who have a wide degree of freedom to choose artists, tracks, albums and favorite collections in the large catalog to make suggestions on the platform, whether in the playlists, on the main page or even on the Beats 1 radio.

Despite the diminutive team, Apple Music already has about 14,000 (!) playlists, a number more than three times higher than the 4,500 Spotify playlists that started nine years earlier, good to remember. As the report states, the infamous playlists are responsible for about 20% of the reproductions of tracks in the services of streaming that is, an area that everyone treats with the greatest affection.

(via 9to5Mac)