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Fujitsu announces that it will fight to keep the “iPad” brand under its possession in the United States

It is a secret to us that, in the middle of the registration processes for the ?iPad? trademark in several countries, Apple encountered a problem in the United States with Fujitsu, which lost the rights to use that trademark and is obviously being prevented from recovering them. , with the arrival of Ma's tablet. However, although it has paved the way to gain use of the brand, Apple must still face Fujitsu vigorously on the subject, according to the The New York Times.

iPAD, by Fujitsu

"To our knowledge, the name (iPad) belongs to us," said Masahiro Yamane, Fujitsu's director of public relations, confirming that the company's lawyers are discussing a lawsuit against Apple. Disputing that name with her appears to be just an issue for product management purposes, as Fujitsu has a device called iPAD represented in the image above.

Despite being quite different, both have similarities as touch screen, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and support for VoIP applications, but Fujitsu's iPAD has the format of a conventional cell phone and runs Windows CE .NET, costing four times more than the Apple iPad. Now, Ma has until February 28th to decide if it will really oppose its competitor to protect the name of the new gadget, an attitude that should already be about to be taken in the next days, if not yet.

Apparently, the case of the name ?iPad? follows a story similar to that of the ?iPhone? brand, disputed by Apple against Cisco, in 2007. At the time, the outcome of the lawsuit favored both.

(via MacRumors)