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Alive: two namesake apps bring new functions for those who want to play with Live Photos

We already talked and gave tips for some apps focused on Live Photos here on the website. Today, we bring two more coincidentally homonymous.

Check out:

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This not only facilitates the sharing of Live Photos by turning them into GIFs / videos (like others that we have already indicated), but it also allows combining multiple Live Photos and / or videos in a montage, facilitates the navigation / viewing of all your Live Photos and brings a very tasteful interface adapted for both iPads and iPhones / iPods touch.

Alive app icon! Effects and Filters for Live Photos

With this, you can apply effects / filters to your Live Photos giving them even more life. It is possible to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights / shadows, etc., apply vignette, adjust the volume of the audio, view the changes in real time and also export your creation as Live Photo, normal photo, GIF or video.

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