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Web Denencia insurance? See how a website works to make complaints in SP | Security

The purpose of the tool is to facilitate and streamline the process of submitting complaints. To use, simply access in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge, and click on the "Report Now!" Button, indicated in red in the upper right corner of the screen. In addition to informing the location of the incident, pointing out the accused and describing the crime, it is possible to attach photos, videos, audio and copies of documents to the complaint.

After completing the form, the whistleblower must register a password. The system, in turn, provides a key (protocol) that allows you to monitor the progress of the complaint and the measures taken by the police.

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WebDenência is administered by the So Paulo Institute Against Violence in partnership with the São Paulo State Public Security Secretariat, the same institutions that control Dial 181 since 2000.