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Video: Plus model should even receive the big news of the “iPhone 7”

In the past few weeks we?ve seen a lot, but a lot of things ?leaking? (if they were true, of course) from iPhone 7. Interestingly, we stopped seeing news from iPhone 7 Plus, which apparently receives what I see as the main news rumored by: dual camera and Smart Connector.

For Lewis Hilsenteger, from Unbox Therapy, put his hands on a clone /dummy of the iPhone 7 Plus in blue color (remember it?) and what we basically see is that: new color, addition of dual camera and Smart Connector.

In addition, what we already have as a redesigned device antenna, the removal of the 3.5mm audio output and the maintenance of the iPhone 6 / 6s structure as a whole (buttons, screen, thickness, size, etc.).

To top it off, Chinese shared photos of an alleged iPhone 7 prototype (and not a clone /dummy). According to NWE (Google Translate), the Chinese team responsible for the photos specializes in repairing electronic devices, including Apple devices. How they got access to a supposed prototype, however, has not been explained.

Apple is due to present the "iPhones 7/7 Plus" in the week of September 5, with pre-sales starting on 9/9 and sales on 9/16. We can only wait and see.

(via 9to5Mac)