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School accused of spying on students with MacBooks

There are those who believe that notebooks should be distributed for use in schools in a larger scope than the current one that still does not cover a considerable portion of private institutions, but a case that is being investigated in an American school is sure to make a lot of people think the opposite. She is being accused of using MacBooks to spy on students in their homes, through a remote monitoring system that Apple only provides for corporate purposes.

United States justice is only investigating a case in Pennsylvania, opened by the parents of a student who was allegedly reprimanded by the institution for "improper behavior" in his home, confirmed by a photo taken with his MacBook's iSight (provided by the school). Both the machine and the software on it should only be used to access school resources, but no one expected that she could use it remotely to take unauthorized photos, something that was noted by the student's father.

School officials claimed that they only use the MacBook camera remotely in cases of loss and theft, but apparently this is not true, as other students claimed to have seen the iSights of their respective machines being turned on occasionally. When they tried to contact the institution for clarification, some of them were informed that it was just a technical problem, while others received a stranger answer, related to the applications they use.

Amid all sorts of strange responses from the school, the case turned into an investigation by the FBI, which began to demand information from it to assess whether it is not violating federal laws related to computer invasion of privacy. So far, what has been made clear by the federal investigation that the institution has activated webcams 42 times in the past three and a half years, but without the intention of monitoring anyone.