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New Surface Pro 4 commercial makes fun of iPad Pro

At the beginning of the month, Apple released a commercial from iPad Pro with the title ?What is a computer??, stating that your new tablet would be a good replacement.

As usual, the Microsoft ran and posted today on YouTube a video that makes fun of Apple, placing the iPad Pro next to a Surface Pro 4. The video title ?What is a computer? Ask Cortana ?and the description reads? Just because you call something a computer does not mean it fits the description ?.

In the commercial, Cortana asks Siri for that whole party. She replies: "I just got a keyboard, now I'm a computer like you" and that's it. The Surface assistant keeps asking if the Apple assistant has this or that (which she clearly doesn't have), which ends up leaving her a little "depr".

Check out:

Even those who really believe that the iPad Pro replaces a computer must admit that the video was funny. ?

(via iClarified)