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Mac Pro is once again the target of user complaints

Perhaps Apple's center of attention in terms of user complaints should be the 27-inch iMac, but it is unfortunately not the only one. THE Ars Technica reports that several performance problems related to the latest generation of Mac Pro have reappeared with a frequency above normal, affecting various tasks.

The affected customers say they have noticed drops of up to 20% in the performance of Apple's professional machines, in tasks related to audio manipulation, especially the use of iTunes and manipulation of peripherals through the FireWire and USB interfaces. Apparently and ironically, these problems do not arise on machines running Windows via Boot Camp, meaning that it is something related between their hardware and Mac OS X itself.

Interestingly, anomalies in the operation of Mac Pro with Mac OS X are not new to us, considering that previous cases of overheating have already appeared here and were also related to audio manipulation, not to mention that they were also not found in Windows. So far, no investigation into these topics has been revealed by Apple, which updated its professional desktop firmware about 15 days ago.