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In response to COVID-19, there comes a new Telescola for students of basic education in Portugal

Last week, Prime Minister Antnio Costa assured that a solution was being prepared to ensure classes for all students in isolation, after school closed in the country on March 16. This weekend, more details emerged about the Government's plan, with a new Telescola for students up to 9 years old, which will be broadcast on RTP Memria, available on TDT and on cable television. From the outside we were students of the secondary school and the universities.

Since they were closed, schools have seen on the Internet the most viable alternative for teaching to continue "on" as far as possible. The Directorate-General for Education (DGE) released on March 27 a script with eight guiding principles for the implementation of distance learning in schools, after referring to the early preference for "solutions that use simple processes and are not demanding of a lot of technology, bandwidth or high digital skills of users ". However, three days after the closure of schools a study revealed that 20% of students are excluded from distance classes because they do not have a computer at home.

The Ministry of Education's plan now uses DTT to teach all students up to the age of 9. The news was confirmed by Tiago Brando Rodrigues, Minister of Education, who explained RTP on how Telescola would work, which dates from the 1960s / 70s, at the time with semi-presential education for high school students.

This new Telescola is something completely different, guarantees Tiago Brando Rodrigues, who leaves for April 9th ??the disclosure of more details about the new forms of teaching in Portugal. It is already known that the tool is a "complement", with a set of thematic blocks of educational resources that aim to complement the work of teachers and that want to reach all students. The details of the project are still to be finalized, but it must advance at the beginning of the third period, after the Easter holidays.

How has distance learning been done in Portugal since the schools were closed?

On the same day that schools were closed, one of the systems that guarantees distance learning, COLIBRI, registered more than 63 million users in about 2,700 classes or meetings. At the time, the Government highlighted a major mobilization of all higher education institutions to adopt collaborative and distance learning environments within the scope of their contingency plans to prevent the transmission of the new Coronavirus.