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Apple Watch with cellular connectivity would have stayed for 2017; 2016 model should even come with GPS

When the Apple Watch was launched, the main features praised by Apple were its resources linked to fitness/ health (such as heart rate monitoring, various exercises, etc.). This argument continues to be one of the main drivers of sales and public engagement with the watch, so it is natural that Apple values ??these features even more in a possible new version of the device, to be launched still in 2016. Because that is exactly what Bloomberg stated today.

According to them, the idea of ??implementing cellular connectivity on the Apple Watch (so that the user depends even less on the iPhone) ended up running into a common problem that, in fact, should hinder the company on many other fronts: drums. So, as long as conversations with some operators in the United States and Europe continue, a watch with such features would probably arrive only in 2017.

This does not mean that the ?Apple Watch 2? (we will call it that, for now) will not win news that will make it increasingly independent of the smartphone. The inclusion of a GPS is almost certain. And, with the resource, users will be able to practice physical activities with much more adequate / accurate monitoring, and finally be able to put the iPhone aside on these occasions without mentioning, obviously, the gains linked to location and navigation. In addition to GPS, rumors also mention the addition of a barometer, a battery with more capacity (something necessary because of GPS), the possibility of the watch being waterproof, among other things.

Despite stating that the ?Apple Watch 2? will be launched in 2016, the Bloomberg He did not specify any date, merely saying that the clock will arrive in the fall (from the northern hemisphere; between late September and late December). My kick? The "Apple Watch 2" should be introduced to the world with the iPhone 7, in less than a month.

(via MacRumors)