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Apple remains first in RESCUECOM's new reliability survey

For the second time in a row, Apple topped the computer reliability ranking of RESCUECOM, a company that provides repair and support services for homes and businesses in the United States.

THE 2010 Computer Reliability Report released today placed Apple in the first position, with 365 points, followed by Asus (305), IBM / Lenovo (305), Toshiba (199) and HP / Compaq (149). Although Apple led the general survey based on last year, the one that stood out the most was Asus, registering a 190.7% growth in the period.

RESCUECOM's research determines the reliability of computers based on the quality of the components and software used in their manufacture, as well as (and mainly) regarding the support provided by the company in the after-sales service.

It is worth noting, once again, that this survey made by RESCUECOM based on the number of support calls it determines per manufacturer. The search is not biased in general, but depends on data from customers who use your services. According to her, Apple today has 8% of market share In the USA.

(via Electronist)