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Apple may be interested in soon adopting the USB 3.0 standard

THE DigiTimes believes that a strong demand recently initiated for USB 3.0 controllers in Asia may be related to the future adoption of the standard in Apple products, citing a manufacturer in the continent that has already started to fulfill orders for these components. Although the rumor has already been denied, the Asian newspaper still believes that it will provide what is necessary to implement the new standard for connecting peripherals on Macs, in front of the rest of the industry.

USB logo

The new edition of USB technology promises transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, that is, it is approximately ten times faster than the current one and does not compromise the speed of SSDs, something that is common when you connect a gadget to a notebook using version 2.0 of the standard. It has already been made official, but its rapid adoption in the market is being hampered by the lack of an Intel forecast to support it in its latest generations of processors.

However, Apple was one of the first companies to encourage the adoption of USB technology, so it should come as no surprise to check out an advertisement related to it with reference to its products. The iMac was the first to support it, in 1998.

(via Electronist)