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This week, Tim Cook got a little bit ($ 35.8 million) richer

This week, Tim Cook completed five years as CEO of Apple. Because of the brand, the executive was awarded restricted shares by the company. He then took the opportunity to get rid of some and decided to sell 334,000 at prices ranging from $ 107.21 to $ 107.69. Result: Cook's bank account has grown by about $ 35.8 million (~ R $ 116.8 million).

Tim Cook

The document (PDF) sent to the SEC revealed that, to comply with a tax rule, Apple also sold just over 656,000 shares (about $ 70 million, or ~ R $ 228 million) in Cook's name on account of the bonus. fat that the CEO received after completing five years in charge of the company.

Even with the sale and not counting the future bonds, Cook still has just over 1.3 million shares of the company, totaling $ 140 million at the current price. Not bad

(via MacRumors)