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Prepare your TV: Apple will launch Macs with HDMI in 2010, according to rumor

According to AppleInsider, Apple is preparing the launch of Macs with HDMI connection in 2010, aiming to offer greater compatibility with home theater systems and high definition TVs for those who use their computers as media centers connected web. A candidate to receive the new connection is the Mac mini, which would dispense with the current DVI port used for connection to monitors.

The Mini DisplayPort connection should continue to be present in future editions of the small desktop which, according to the rumor, will not undergo considerable cosmetic changes compared to the current mini Macs. Perhaps the lack of DVI displeases some users, but it will still be possible to connect monitors based on this standard using adapters for the HDMI port that are apparently cheaper than those for a Mini DisplayPort.

Apple's main objective with the new connection would be to make transmitting audio and video to televisions much simpler, as this single connector would make it possible to transfer both types of signals from the Mac mini. In the meantime, there are no Mini DisplayPort / HDMI adapters that support this same functionality on other Macs, but this is a need that Apple itself should address soon, creating an additional adapter model to initially serve the new iMacs, which are based on a recent edition of the DisplayPort standard.