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OWC launches 1TB HD with support for four interfaces

Other World Computing (OWC) announced the availability of the Mercury Elite-AL Pro mini, considered by it as the first 2.5-inch storage solution to offer up to 1TB of storage with support for four different interfaces. The product can be connected to USB 2.0, FireWire 800, FireWire 400 (with a cable suitable for the FireWire 800 connection present) or eSATA, allowing transfer speeds of up to 300MB per second.

Within its brushed aluminum structure, it is possible to configure it with up to 1TB of storage using a HD of 5,200 revolutions per minute, but there are more modest options of 640GB and 500GB the latter can use drives of 7,200 revolutions per minute. It is also possible to configure the Mercury Elite-AL Pro mini with a 200GB SSD, which is very fast and highly reliable, but unfortunately it is not available in options with more internal storage than this.

To purchase it, simply go to the OWC website and choose from one of the available HDD or SSD configurations. The Mercury Elite-AL Pro mini can be used with several Apple computers, running from Mac OS 8.6 to 10.6 inside it, some backup solutions are pre-installed that suit all supported systems, but it is also possible to use it with Time Machine, if you have a Mac with Leopard or Snow Leopard.

(via Macsimum News)