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Not sure what to do with your 1984 Macintosh? How about installing Snow Leopard on it?

An article published today on the portal Instructables caught my eye. It is a step-by-step to transform a unit of the first Macintosh released by Apple into a conventional machine for daily use, capable of running even Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Obviously, this appears to be a very destructive method (at least with regard to the interior of the machine), but in the following case the person responsible for the exploitation gave preference to preserving the original state of the machine.

The Macintosh structure has not been altered or deformed; incidentally, the creator of the project states that the new computer was built with respect to its dimensions, being able to function again as 26 years ago. It is clear that the components used to transform the machine into a common computer have resulted in nothing but a Hackintosh looking like an old Mac, but interesting to note how well everything worked on it although it would have been better if the old keyboard and mouse still worked.

To create it in this example, components used in the assembly of PCs with small dimensions were used, with the exception of the screen, which was replaced by a very improvised CRT and difficult to find. The rest of the machine construction process can be read onInstructables the long article, suggesting that in order to reach the final goal, it takes a lot of patience.