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Japanese firm sues Apple and other handset makers for patent infringement

Japanese company ADC Technology filed a lawsuit on March 4 against several handset manufacturers, including Apple, LG, US Cellular, HTC, Exedea and Nokia.

The companies have been accused of infringing three ?Portable Communicator? patents, which ADC has specialized in developing technologies and selling wireless communication products since 1995.

Here is the summary of the invention:

This communicator makes it possible for the user to do telephone, facsimile, and data communication at any location. On a pen input device, a space eye 2, a telephone control system, a facsimile control system, and a data transmission system are mounted. All of them are operated by an input pen 55 or the space eye 2. The pen input device is connected to a wireless telephone equipment 7, and can be connected to a desired party through the public communication channel. In order to make the most of the equipment of a GPS user, the GPS user device 8 is connected to the pen input device 3. The current location of the GPS user is found through the GPS user device 8, and the data on the current location is transmitted to the party. Further, to make this communicator usable in any country, it is provided with means to connect it to a wireless telephone network of an individual service area of ??the country.

Apple, whose prosecution involves all generations of the iPhone, has yet to comment on the issue, but a hearing on the case has already been scheduled for April 23.

[via The Loop]