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iPhone 6s was the world's best-selling smartphone in the second quarter of 2016

Close to completing its first year of life, the iPhone 6s it was the best-selling smartphone in the world in the second quarter of 2016. And, right after it, is its older brother, the iPhone 6.

iPhone 6s strategy analytics

Strategy Analytics data shows us that the iPhone 6s reached the mark of 14.2 million devices sold worldwide, followed by the iPhone 6 with 8.5 million. Right after Ma's devices, we have the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge with 8.3 million worldwide sales.

The company also claims that the iPhone 6s "is still the best-selling smartphone in the world today", which may suggest that it will continue to keep pace with sales until the end of the third quarter (taking into account that the iPhone 7 only arrives in fact to the market almost at the end of the month).

The numbers released by Apple during the second quarter were 40.4 million iPhones sold worldwide, including iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE and previous models. Perhaps the numbers will increase considerably in the next quarter with the arrival of the new models (to be announced at the event tomorrow) and also due to the fact that the device which would possibly compete with the new ones iDevices, the Galaxy Note7, has been collected worldwide due to problems with its battery; this can even weaken sales for Apple's big competitor and even help Ma stay in the top positions.

(via MacRumors)