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iPads are also entitled to AppleCare, but for only two years

Of the users who are placing orders for iPads in some countries for April 3, a considerable portion also acquired the extended warranty for the device, through the AppleCare protection plan. However, customers who are subscribing to the service are not very satisfied with one thing: its coverage is only valid for two years, like that of a conventional iPod or iPhone.

Since many users do not think about switching iPads in the short term, which has been common among some iPod and iPhone owners, two years of coverage through AppleCare would not represent a considerable investment. Macs have three-year coverage for repairs and telephone support, representing a good amount of time for anyone who wants to get the most out of a computer.

Apparently, Apple expects users to purchase new iPads at much shorter intervals than ordinary computers, something I didn't think would happen in the case of a tablet. But the worst thing is that AppleCare for the iPad will not be available for subscription even in some areas of the United States, making it difficult for anyone who wants to enjoy good technical support for the product in other countries.

(via 9 to 5 Mac)