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IOS 14 code indicates that you will be able to place widgets on the main screen of your iPhone

Widgets have been present on iOS for several years. Although they assume greater prominence on Android, where they can be highlighted and personalized on the main screen of the software, iPhone and iPad users have always been able to use widgets, although in a dedicated part of the OS, where they all coexist equally. However, the 9to5Mac portal says that this distinction is nearing its end.

Oswidgets are all applications that you can interact with in small windows on the main screen of your device. Clocks, calendars and weather reports are some of its most common forms.

According to an analysis conducted by the site on the iOS 14 code, Apple is developing a more flexible widget system. The feature, which has the code name "Avocado", will allow you to place widgets anywhere on your home screen, just as you can do with any application icon. 9to5Mac warns, however, that the system may be eliminated due to lack of time to improve it.

A recent leak reiterates this same idea. The @DongleBookPro profile recently published a set of images that show us another feature, related to dynamic wallpapers. In this case, the wallpapers can be darkened or blurred so that they can support the overlapping of widgets in a more harmonious way, facilitating the use of the widgets.

Despite this flexibility, it is possible that the system is not as flexible as what we have on Android, where widgets can be resized and occupy any part of the screen. However, it is unquestionable that this feature will bring a level of customization higher than the Apple operating system, which, in the face of the biggest competitor, has always been behind in this chapter.