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Developer demonstrates how iOS could work with windows on iPad

Anyone who has the most modern iPad knows how much iOS has been enhanced for multitasking, in version 9. Still, there are several limitations when compared to the OS X window system.

The famous developer Steve Troughton-Smith decided a few days ago to experiment with how a system of overlapping windows would work on iOS. Here's what he managed to do:


He even posted the code on GitHub, making it clear that it was just a demo after all, Apple would not approve any app of its kind in its store.

The title bar needs to be thick just to be adapted to the size of the touch of the fingers, which explains why the iPad doesn?t just run an adapted version of OS X. Of course, a number of other adjustments would still need to be made in the solution, but Troughton-Smith showed that it was not only possible, it would not be so strange.

Who liked it? ?

(via Redmond Pie)