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Days after pocketing $ 35.8 million, Tim Cook sells more shares equivalent to $ 28.7 million

A few days ago, after receiving a new wave of shares from Apple for completing five years as executive director of the largest company in the world, Tim Cook he sold some of the stocks he has and became $ 35.8 million richer. It is just that the CEO must have some personal megalomaniacal plan in the short term because, now, a few days later, he sold about 269 thousand shares at prices between US $ 105.95 and US $ 107.37 which totaled $ 28.7 million.

Tim Cook dancing

That's right, in just five days, the Apple CEO put $ 64.5 million in his pocket (or R $ 208.1 million).

As reported by the AppleInsider, Cook still has 1,039,809 Apple shares which are worth $ 110 million (according to today's quote). In August 2021, if he continues to be in front of Ma, the executive will receive another batch of 700,000; as of 2021, he will be entitled to 5 packages of 280,000 shares each of which may be collected annually.

And we here, happy because today the 1st and the salary will fall in the account soon ?