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Check out some “hidden” Facebook apps

We recently talked about the end of the ?Creative Lab? of the Facebook, but walking around the App Store I found some ?obscure? apps still available. There are a few who are most interested in interacting with Messenger that are either for testing or soon, so they must have the same destination (ie, disappear from the map), because at least I never saw anyone comment (or even use).

Just them:

Sorry, app not found.

It is in the category Entertainment and basically serves to send ready-made sounds and phrases to your contacts. In it you will find sounds of crying baby, siren, animals, etc.

Sorry, app not found.

Also in the category Entertainment, it serves to take different photos and assemble animated GIFs to also send to your contacts.

Sorry, app not found.

In the category Photo and Video, makes it possible to make a montage by taking a photo and placing texts on it to send to your contacts, perhaps to emphasize a certain situation.

Sorry, app not found.

How Entertainment, makes it possible to mount happy, sad, crying emoticons and various other expressions through personal photos and send them to your friends. This, I confess, I even found it funny.

Sorry, app not found.

This one for those who like ?stickers?, we have already commented here on the site separately.

Sorry, app not found.

In the category News It is only available in the American store, a kind of news ?concentrator? based on your interests. You select themes from various sources (channels such as weather, fashion, cinema, etc.) and Notify gives you alerts for the news that appears on your iPhone Lock Screen. By selecting the notification, you have access to the complete content of the news, but you can also choose to share it directly without unlocking the device.

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All six of these are standalone apps, but they could easily be part of Messenger itself. Facebook must be improving the product to try to get the best out of it and integrate it or come to the conclusion that it should end up discarding these ideas.

What do you think? I doubt anyone has these apps, but if they have already used them? If so, what did you think?

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