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Apple TVs and iPods also have reduced prices in Brazil

In line with the drop in prices of other products (iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches), the Fourth generation Apple TV it also had an interesting cut in its values.

Apple TV and Siri Remote viewed from above diagonally

Previously sold for R $ 1,350 (32GB) and R $ 1,750 (64GB), now they come out for R $ 1,100 and R $ 1,400 decreases of 18.5% and 20%, respectively. THE Apple Remote (for older Apple TVs) was R $ 150 to R $ 130 (-13.4%), while the Apple TV Remote decreased from R $ 650 to R $ 550 (-15.4%). J o Remote Loop, that accessory to not let the control crash on the floor, is now for R $ 90 (before it was R $ 110, a decrease of 18.3%).

J a Apple TV third generation continues selling for R $ 600. Only that Apple?s effort to simply hide the product on its website is clear, and according to the 9to5Mac, in their physical stores since there are simply no more children set-top box old.

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Another line that also had reduced prices was that of iPods. Let's change:

IPod family

Although the products are at a very high level, it is good to see them falling for the second consecutive time. And they said that Apple Brazil would not do that at all