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Apple Music gift cards are now on sale in some countries, offering discounted annual subscription

In some countries, Apple makes available both in its stores and partner stores the option for you to buy one gift card (gift card) to have credits on the App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store. Now, in yet another apparent move to beat the competition, the company started offering these gift cards from Apple Music.

They are valid for 12 months (ie an annual subscription) and cost $ 100. That is $ 8.25 a month. Taking into account that in the United States the subscription of Apple Music costs US $ 10 per month in the individual plan, we are talking about 18% discount.

Like the others, this Apple Music gift card is available for purchase at Apple's physical stores, as well as Best Buy and other such stores. In addition, you can also find online versions on PayPal and eBay.

Despite the great news for residents of the United States, United Kingdom and even Germany, it is very likely that this benefit will not arrive in Brazil so soon for two reasons: we already have a very inviting monthly price for the service (US $ 5 individual plan; US $ 8 family level) and also due to the fact that we do not have gift cards here while Apple is selling subscriptions, apps and everything else in dollars, this type of commercial transaction (gift cards in dollars) can never be officially carried out in national territory.

This is not the first time that Brazil is out of an Apple Music discount. Previously, Ma offered a 50% discount to students, which would be really attractive to Brazilians. Have you ever imagined the service for US $ 2.50? However, most likely because of the platform that Apple chose to verify who is in fact a student who will not be available in our country, this benefit is unlikely to get here, either.

(via 9to5Mac)