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Another Surface Pro 4 commercial, another comparison with Apple products

New commercial from Microsoft, new comparison with Apple products. Yes, the Redmond people seem to have found a formula to promote their products. If the past commercial compared the Surface Pro 4 with the iPad Pro, in this we see the Microsoft tablet next to a MacBook Air that is, the company's idea to try to show that the Surface leaves behind any Apple device, be it tablet or notebook.

that story: in theory, a hybrid device (with the potential to be both a tablet and a ?notebook?) with good specifications and a touch screen looks really cool and interesting. We are talking about a strategy completely different from the one chosen by Apple (of keeping the PC and tablet worlds well separated).

But on paper, Apple continues to be quite successful with its choices even though, for the past two quarters, sales of Macs, iPads and iPhones have fallen.

(via MacRumors)