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All Disney heroes summoned to new combat arenas game

Launched a few days ago, Disney Sorcerers Arena is the typical turn-based fighting game in different arenas, which encourages players to collect cards from Disney heroes to build a powerful team. Each character has a range of unique abilities, with special characteristics that need to be balanced to win battles.

The collectible cards feature the well-known figures from different Disney universes, such as Mickey, Donald, Aladdin, Toy Story characters, The Little Mermaid, Malfica, Peter Pan, and many others, in a range of more than 100 names, which are being added to the collection of players. Each character has a role in the team, similar to traditional RPGs: tanks, healers, support or damage, which requires a strategic gesture of the cards that lead to the combat.

The game resembles other titles like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, with battles with five characters per team. Despite being able to play alone, the game encourages you to participate in online battles against other players in tournaments, in order to be listed in rankings, promising even new modes, characters and content in the future.

You can download free Disney Sorcerers Arena in iOS and Android versions.