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8 free games and apps to stay safe at home but also excited

Another week of forced quarantine comes to an end and during these days applications and games can easily appear as distractions, since for that you only need a smartphone or a tablet. This week we bring several suggestions for kids and grades.

In the list of apps that the SAPO TeK team announced are two games that you can try to liven up these quarantine days, as well as the Facebook Messenger application that now arrives on PC and Mac with free group video calls. But with the increase in traffic on the Internet, you can still get to know a free extension for Chrome that protects users from the most common cyberameas.

There is also the official government application with information about COVID-19 and a Google app to transform your photographs into real works of art.

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Gwent: the card game from The Witcher universe has arrived on Android

A year after being released on PC and iOS as an independent game, the famous collectible card title can now be played on Android devices.

Just arrived on Android the famous collectible card game Gwent, one of the greatest sensations of the award-winning The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. If you had no contact with the CD Projekt RPG, which motivated a television series on Netflix, one of the possible activities to do in this open world is to challenge different characters for strategic card duels. This authentic game, within the game, was so successful that the Polish stadium decided to launch it in isolation.

The game encourages players to form their own collectible card decks, similar to other known proposals like Heartstone and Magic the Gathering, and more recently Legends of Runeterra, by Riot Games, inspired by League of Legends, and to challenge other players to duels online.

The objective of battles is to win the best of three, placing the cards with the possible units on the ground, in order to cause damage to the opponent, but also protect yourself. There are spells, ranged or ranged attacks, which must be placed in specific areas of the board. To score, players have to manage the cards that reach their hands and place them on the board. In the end, whoever gets the most points wins. In the teasing trailer you can get an idea of ??the gameplay.

You can download the new Android version for free, or if you prefer on iOS.

Free Chrome extension protects users from the most common cyber networks

The tool can be particularly useful for those working at home, protecting against phishing attacks, malicious downloads and dangerous websites.

The extension is called ZoneAlarm's Web Secure Free and aims to keep users safe from multiple threats while surfing the Internet. When installing the solution, ZoneAlarm Safe Search becomes the default search engine and monitors the search results and classifies them according to their potential risk. This is possible thanks to Check Point's ThreatCloud database, which offers up-to-date global cyber information.

According to Check Point, ZoneAlarm's Web Secure Free protects users' data from phishing attacks thanks to ZoneAlarm's Zero-Phishing technology, which analyzes all websites before allowing users to enter any personal information. In addition, it also allows you to warn of any attempt to steal personal data.

The solution also uses ZoneAlarm's Threat Extraction technology so that users can securely download documents sent by email or downloaded from the Internet. How? By automatically deleting any type of suspicious or malicious code in seconds, ensuring that the extracted file is completely safe without interrupting what the user is doing.

Web Secure Free

In a statement, Dror Levy, head of consumer sales at Check Point, says that domains related to the new Coronavirus are more than 50% more likely to be malicious than the rest ". In the middle of a pandemic, the specialist also guarantees that Since the beginning of February, more than 16,000 new domains related to COVID-19 have been registered, and at the end of the same month, the average number of new domains is almost 10 times higher than in previous weeks.

From today, Tuesday, you can download the ZoneAlarm Secure Free Web, compatible with Chrome 75 and other versions.

COVID-19: In addition to the Government website, the Portuguese can also be "ON" through an app

It's called Somos ON – Covid19, free and available for Android and iOS. In the application you can find practical advice and support for citizens, families and companies.After the online platform We're ONlanada two weeks ago, there is now an application that combines practical advice and support for citizens, families and companies in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The app was free and had already been announced by the Government two weeks ago.

similar to what happens on the online platform, through the application Somos ON – Covid19 you can, for example, get to know the exceptional measures of the Government and all the support granted to citizens, families and companies. Practical advice for working and using public services from home is also information that users can find.

It is equally important to be aware of the recommendations of the health authorities and to follow the statistics of the evolution of the pandemic in Portugal, data that the app provides. In this application there is also a list of frequently asked questions, "collected on social networks and answered, with reliable information, by the various official entities", can be read in the description of the app.

The application of the Government of Portugal and was developed by VOST Portugal and Flutter Portugal, and can be accessed on iOS and Android devices. This strategy is part of the various measures that the Portuguese Government has taken in the face of this pandemic. This Tuesday, Prime Minister Antnio Costa announced that a solution is being prepared to ensure classes through DTT.

Windows 10 has a new beta application for news notifications that appear on the screen

The news bar can be customized and is available in beta, bringing together content from more than 4,500 media outlets. Being aware of what is happening in the world through a Windows 10 computer will soon change. Microsoft has unveiled a new application, which is already in beta, that makes notifications available through a scrolling bar on the desktop screen, making known the news from more than 4,500 journalistic sites selected by the company.

Similar to the taskbar already available on the Windows 10 operating system, the News Bar can allow users to update the practicalities of the many news that are published daily. To do this, Microsoft relies on "the most respected media".

Through the application you can also configure the information that appears on the computer screen, ensuring, for example, the release of updated information throughout the day. Regarding the design, the bar can also be personalized and, if you prefer, you can minimize it whenever you want. The beta version is now available for download.

The technological giant thus follows the trend of other companies in betting on newspaper coverage. Google News and Apple News are examples of some news aggregators that have allowed users to access content on a single platform.

Do you like being the first to try new things? Then this app for you

As the name suggests, Beta Maniac – Life of a beta tester is an application created with those in mind who like to join the so-called beta programs.

Beta Maniac proposes to check and warn users whenever any of the Android apps that it has installed on the phone starts up with a program to test its functionality or open vacancies for new adhesions.

The analysis of the beta programs of the installed applications periodically and includes sending a notification when a beta program is available again. The user will be able to sign up as a beta tester simply by clicking on the notification.

It is also possible to manage subscriptions directly from the application, as well as filter lists according to your taste.

The Beta Maniac – Life of a free beta tester is available from the Play Store for Android devices.

Turn your photos into works of art through Google Arts & Culture

The application has new filters supported by artificial intelligence to give a style similar to the works of Van Gogh or Frida Kahlo. There are many paintings that, due to the characteristic style of his line, are quickly recognized, be them the works of Van Gogh or the surreal images of Frida Kahlo. Thinking about this style, Google updated its Google Arts & Culture application with a new feature called Art Transfer, being a filter that allows users to transform their photos in the style of different artists.

The functionality is found in the camera menu, in the main bar of the application and when selecting Art Transfer, after taking or adding a photo from the gallery, you can use these filters. The images are then recorded with a watermark with the name of the work in which he was inspired and the respective artist.

You can use the filter in the entire image, but if you want to be a perfectionist you can simply use the scissors tool to select the parts affected by the special filters. It may seem simple, but Google explains that this transformation is elaborated by a model of algorithms generated by the company's artificial intelligence. And all processed on the smartphone itself, without the need for help from the cloud, which allows users to play with the functionality offline. Obviously without sharing it is not funny.

Different world cultural institutions have joined the initiative, such as the National Gallery of the United Kingdom or the Museum of Art of Japan, for the use of works known by artists such as Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Frida Kahlo or Edvard Munch, to name a few.

The application can be obtained for free or updated, if you already have it, in iOS and Android versions.

Facebook Messenger app now comes to PC and Mac with free group video calls

The new bet from Facebook wants to respond to the high number of people who use Messenger through the browser to make audio and video calls. desktop applications also come with features such as a dark mode and the automatic synchronization of conversations between the smartphone and the computer.

After making its debut in the world of smartphone applications in 2011, Messenger now arrives on the desktop, both for Windows and for macOS. To help users keep in touch with family and friends in times of social isolation, the popular Facebook application allows you to make free group video calls.

New Messenger for PC and Mac credits: Facebook

Now more than ever, people are using technology to keep in touch with those they care about, even when they are physically separated, says the company led by Mark Zuckerberg in a statement. In response to the high number of people using Messenger through the browser to make audio and video calls, Facebook decided to make it more practical.

New Messenger for PC and Mac credits: Facebook

In addition to allowing unlimited group video calls for up to 8 participants, the new desktop Messenger comes with features such as dark mode and automatic synchronization of conversations between the computer and the mobile application. Facebook also promises greater accessibility, as well as the possibility of doing multiple tasks on the PC without the application being too annoying for the user.

The new free desktop Messenger can be found at Microsoft's digital store for Windows and the Mac App Store for macOS.

Summoned all Disney heroes to a new game of combat arenas

Disney Sorcerers Arena rene Mickey, Donald, Monster Inc., Toy Story and many other Disney universes for intense team battles.

Launched a few days ago, Disney Sorcerers Arena is the typical turn-based fighting game in different arenas, which encourages players to collect cards from Disney heroes to build a powerful team. Each character has a range of unique abilities, with special characteristics that need to be balanced to win battles.

The collectible cards feature the well-known figures from different Disney universes, such as Mickey, Donald, Aladdin, Toy Story characters, The Little Mermaid, Malfica, Peter Pan, and many others, in a range of more than 100 names, which are being added to the collection of players. Each character has a role in the team, similar to traditional RPGs: tanks, healers, support or damage, which requires a strategic gesture of the cards that lead to the combat.

The game resembles other titles like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, with battles with five characters per team. Despite being able to play alone, the game encourages you to participate in online battles against other players in tournaments, in order to be listed in rankings, promising even new modes, characters and content in the future.

You can download free Disney Sorcerers Arena in iOS and Android versions.